How It Works

This page is dedicated to teaching you how to save money step by step. 

There are only 5 steps.

1. Buy roaster, we recommend a medium grade roaster for a high-quality roast. 

2. Buy green beans. We have green beans for sale, but we will be frank with you and tell you that this place has a better selection. 

3. Buy remaining necessities in order to brew the perfect cup.

a. Buy hand or electric grinder.


b. Buy water kettle.

c. Buy a brewing method depending on utility and preference. 

4. Roast beans. 

5. Following brewing instructions on how to brew an awesome cup.

a. General rule of thumb: use 17 grams per 8 ounce cup = 0.6 ounces of beans = 25 cents per cup. I drink 2 per day 365*2 = 730 cups > 730*0.25 = $183/year for beans



Store beans in glass airtight container with rubber seal on lid