About Us

 Coffee. It's a way of life. Imagine a day without coffee - headache, foggy mind, & sleepiness. Stimulating Coffee was founded on the basis of wanting to introduce the world to higher quality coffee. The inspiration sparked when touring a small family owned coffee plantation in Colombia. The Spanish speaking farmer explained that they had a type of union where all the coffee farmers sold the runts of the coffee production to the big named brands: Starbucks, Folgers, etc. And then the higher quality beans would be sold in smaller batches and then exported to smaller lesser known stores that might charge $1 more per cup. 

Stimulating coffee wants to disrupt a 50 year old industry of coffee consumption habits. By buying products on this site, you are supporting a movement of higher quality coffee consumption. It's time to ditch the sugar, milk, and unicorn frappuccinos for something much more meaningful and enlightening. Stimulating coffee is committed to giving back to the world - we will be joining the 1 percent for the planet organization when coffee movement gains traction. 


Cheers to drinking better coffee.